The Garrulous Ebullient Idiosyncratic Evanescent Zephyr

People have different personalities and characteristics. Those personalities and characteristics have different stories. And those stories will someday be memories. Those memories will be told and remembered by people who knew the story. That is why it is true that a deceased person will live in our hearts and memories. What most people are trying to achieve in their lives is to be remembered, to put a mark on others, because they fear oblivion. And a way to leave a mark is to create something that tells about you. Something special that would make you a unique and special individual that is worth being a part of others’ memories, worth being remembered.

Words are not enough to explain or to tell what people feel, experience, or think. Those are unfathomable and are difficult to express especially when written by an ineloquent, incoherent, grandiloquently ironic and parenthetical prolix writer. I love adjectives so you better prepare for a sesquipedalian, verbose, circuitous, and diffuse story about an aberrant guy who tries his best to write about himself, hoping that his story would cleave into someone’s soul and touch an individual’s heart.

A rainy July 17th, when a mother gave birth to an innocent little zephyr- a slight wind, a gentle wind that gave joy to people around him; a child whose parents’ made with conflagrating flames of will and love, which God permitted to be born on the face of the Earth. The little zephyr’s name is Troy, Ishmael Troy S. Vicente, which is obviously the author, me. I am the firstborn of my parents and most of the time, when I try to remember my childhood I mostly remember about me crying and waiting for them to come home.

We have lived in many houses in different parts of Luzon already. Our first house was in Las Pinas, Laguna where my parents’ job was near; by the way they worked in Amkor Tech., but they usually bring me to my grandmother’s–mother’s side—house in Rosario, Batangas, so most likely I lived there then we moved to Cavite, where had a movie rental business there and I remember myself watching different cartoon movies like Space Jam, The Little Mermaid, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and my favorite, which I watched hundreds of times already, A Bug’s Life. We then moved to our grandmother’s–father’s side­—house in Project 4 Quezon City, then to our current house in Project 2 Quezon City.

I studied at an early age. I had my nursery and kindergarten classes at Barangay Marilag Kindergarten for Literacy at Barangay Marilag, Project 4 Quezon City. I learned how to read and write when I was in my first year of kindergarten, although my handwriting really sucked even back then, which triggered my laziness when it comes to writing. I had medals for winning poem contests, speech contests, math contests and my favorite kind of contests, spelling bees. I spent my pastime watching teletubbies, which I dearly like in fact I still remember Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, the characters, say “Eh-oh!.” I was the class clown due to my ebullient trait.

Back when I was in elementary, I already acquired the trait of being independent. I commute to my school, Pura V. Kalaw Elementary School in Project 4, from our house in Project 2. I still won spelling bee competitions but I rarely joined because I felt intimidated and lazy. I don’t remember much in my elementary days because I’m academically incompetent and I think it’s because of my idiosyncratic acts. I only had 3 friends when I was in elementary those were Veann, Christine and Gesary. I hate being friends with boys back then because all they cause me is trouble and they love copying my assignments and quizzes, so I cursed boys before. Until I graduate I got separated with my friends, we went into different high schools.

I studied high school in Quirino High School, which is near our current residence. In my 1st year, I had 2 friends; they are Justine Ceralde and Chris Jean Banghit. We were friends until now, and we still have communication. I also have this friend named Cky Nilo, which I met when I was in 3rd year in our drafting class. I have no one to talk to back then because our drafting class was dominated by boys which were perverted boys, combined with a pervert teacher which we hated both. Another reason why we became close friends is because of our similarities, particularly from being an “otaku,” which is a term for anime/manga/Japan/etc. lover. We both love the anime Fairytail, Akame ga Kill, and Shingeki no Kyojin. We, I, Cky, CJ, and Justine, are intelligent and creative class performers. I know how to dance, sing and act, CJ has her industriousness and crafty skills, Justine has this box of vocabularies and a fluent English speaker, and Cky has an amazing drawing and editing skills. Together we make a perfect team.

I started playing online games when I was in 3rd year High School. I was convinced to play Shingeki no Kyojin’s tribute game, the AOGTG, by my friend Cky and Justine. At first I really sucked at playing it, and I am garrulous when I play. I shout whenever there’s a titan, a giant that eats human, and I panic and try my best not to get eaten, stomped or grabbed. But as the time flies, I get better and better until I finally learned how to kill titans, although there’s still the nervous feeling of being killed by a titan. I played with Cky and my new friends, who were introduced tome by Cky, they were Gab, Kenneth, Riddle, and Cky’s little brother, Khyle. We play at BC Website after class. We had a group called Food for Titan, but eventually changed it into Senpai’s Otaku Group. We usually have fries parties at McDonald’s and do ceremonies and such.

Thank God I graduated high school with an average of 87.  I didn’t expect for high grades because all I did in my high school life is to slack so I am very grateful to God for His kindness. The next challenge is, to find a college where I can pursue my career. I don’t have any preferred course but I am an optimistic extrovert so I think I would fit well in courses that include speaking or language. My choice was PUP; I am supposed to take BS Broadcast Communication there until Ms. Meryll Lopez convinced me and my parents to try LVCC. So I took the exam, finished the interview and took the psych exam. So after all those, I passed and thank God for that wonderful opportunity. I am really excited to study there, and I can’t wait for the first day of school to come.

First day of school: I was absent. It was because I chose to travel to Batangas and relax for the last time before I stress myself out in college. So I met all of my classmates on Tuesday. I belong to AB-1A. At first I thought everyone is serious and quiet, which implied that they are intellectual and academically geniuses. But as the time goes by I discovered that only few are geniuses but everyone has a hidden talent that is concealed inside them. We had quarrels and misunderstandings but we made it all through that. But despite of the good combination of people in our section, we are lacking self-discipline and motivation. So that’s what we are trying to work out.

In college, I used my skills and intelligence to survive, but attitude is really the deal. Your attitude towards the tasks given to you, your attitude towards your classmates, instructors and/or staffs, your attitude in exams, your attitude in group works, and your attitude towards stress, all of these are significant things that an individual should work on. It can help for us to become successful in our career.

I am speaking as a zephyr that is gentle, that has no impact on other people, but when I succeed as a future broadcaster/reporter or whatever—God willing—I will be a gust, or a tornado that influences the world. But then, we are evanescent, someday we will pass away, and the only thing that would be remembered in us is what have we done, what is our story. And that, my friends, is a sesquipedalian, verbose, circuitous, and diffuse story written by an ineloquent, incoherent, grandiloquently ironic and parenthetical prolix writer.


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