A Traumatic Stupidity

Once upon a time there was a stupid guy who lived in the face of the earth. He was a guy who lived in stupidity. And the stupidest thing that he has done is to intentionally get his finger caught in the window of a car.

One night, he was in an event with his family. After that event, they decided to go home. So they rode their car. Then suddenly, he began curious when he started looking in the window and asked himself “what if I slip my finger here?” pertaining to the window. Then out of curiosity, he placed his finger at the end of the window and started raising it up. When he felt the pain of his stupidity, he unexpectedly raised the window higher until he lowered it down.

After the incident, his finger is murdered like a bird strangled to death. He then reminisced and thought of what he has done. The lesson in this short story is to think twice, thrice, or even quince if you will do something.


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