“Success isn’t easy, and it is certainly not for the lazy.”

I’ve read this quote on Facebook and it really hit me hard in the head. I usually slack and procrastinate rather than doing things that are needed to be done. A great example is this blog. I usually make blogs whenever I like to make one, whenever I am inspired to do so.

So, our computer subject requires us to have 6 blogs in a 3 day period posted for finals, and it’s too tedious to do, but since it is a requirement I need to follow the instructions given to us. Minimum of 3 paragraphs, and minimum of 3 sentences per paragraph. Just like what I’m doing.

I am rushing my last 5 blogs right now and my brain is drained because of other subject requirements that is due next week but I haven’t finished yet. It is very difficult to be lazy, slacking, procrastinating, and trying hard to finish something but can’t.


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